Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's With the Name Change?

It's a new year and a new focus for me. As you old timers know, I originally started this blog with the focus of converting myself and old recipes to vegan versions. The conversion of the person is still in the works (I have gone from omnivore to pescatarian to vegetarian since the blog started).

While it is still my passion to convert recipes of family, friends, fellow internet foodies and celeb chefs; I have found, like many other people, that plant based, vegan recipes are incredible on their own. They don't need to have their origins from a animal based recipe to rock your world.

From here forward I plan to focus more on fresh local ingredients. We have some wonderful local farms and farmers markets here. I will be featuring their produce more often and bring you some great ways to use what you find in their CSA boxes.

Don't fear! Vine and Dine and Food Network Friday are here to stay (even if I am late to post them on occasion). I am still crazy about finding fun exotic ingredients to work with too. So there will be the occassional travel to another part of the world kind of posts.

2012 is sure to be a delicious year here at the new and improved Veg-In-Training blog!!

Now go and eat your veggies!

Pictured below is my new love TATSOI! I got a beautiful bunch from Horny Toad Farms (like them on Facebook!) this weekend. I will be posting a recipe for it this week!


Anonymous said...

curious to see what you do with the tatsoi! I see it at the farmers market but I never buy any!

Veg-In-Training said...

I need to get in the kitchen :)

Dawn said...

Nice move!! There are so many incredible veg ingredients