Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Enter the Men Who Cook Challenge - Win a Prize!

Back in 2008 there was a fun challenge proposed by a PPK member who was very distraught over the lack of representation on the boards and in general of awesome male vegan kitchen masters. It was proposed that those of the male gender don their best aprons and rise to the challenge of "Men Who Cook". Because I love men who cook for me (or anyone else for that matter) I wanted to revive this lost tradition.

To sweeten the pot, I am offering a free copy of American Vegan Kitchen by Tami Noyes of Vegan Appetite to one of the lucky participants. AVK has so many American classics I thought it would be a great prize for men (and women) everywhere!

Here are the instructions/rules.

1 - You need to be of the male persuasion
2 - You need to cook something vegan (this can be an original or not)
3 - You must take and post pictures
4- You need to blog about your cooking experience (giving recipes would be a nice added bonus)*
5 - You need to make a comment on this post and provide a link to your Men Who Cook entry or you can comment here and e-mail me the link.
6 - Entries must be recieved no later than September 7th.

* If you don't have a blog, you can still play. Either 1 - provide a picture and maybe send me a little note or 2 - comment here about your experience.

What I'd love for you to do, but it is not mandatory:

Take creative/fun/outrageous pictures of the cook
Come up with an original recipe or method
Have a lot of fun with this! (Well this should be mandatory)

What I promise to do:

I will, with your permission, post the link to your post on my wrap up post.
I will post a thread on the PPK (for those of you who are on the PPK) on Wednesday, September 8th for you to post your food porn.
I will randomly select a winner from the comments posted on this post on the same date
I will ship the book to you (Sorry U.S only this time folks, I'm poor right now)
I will think you are totally awesome
I will thank you from the bottom of my heart and my belly

It may not be instantly apparent, but I am taking some business classes and in these classes they are teaching us the importance of providing specific measurable goals. Hence my goofy lists! How'd I do? Would my instructor approve?


Rikki Cupcake said...

timmy is in! he doesn't know it yet, but he is in!

Veg-In-Training said...

I did the same thing to Fred. Hee hee.

nicklovin said...

Ich bin Deutsch word for "in"! For safety reasons I'm going to need to ask ya'll to strap on your helmets to minimize mind blownage.

Veg-In-Training said...

Helmet donned. Bring it!

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Jim did it! I'll blog it later this week, but he really impressed me!

Veg-In-Training said...

Oh I can't wait to see what he created!

Wes said...
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Wes said...

Let's bro it up in the kitchen, bro.
Flickr Set

Anonymous said...

My wife wanted me to enter with soup I had made up one afternoon for lunch. Grocery day was a few days away yet, and ingredients were thin. Looked around and found green lentils, noodles, various spices, sesame oil and a pot. Threw it all together and called it lunch. I did the same type of thing the next evening for supper with a off the cuff zucchini chili.

Here is the soup link

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what happened to my link, but here it is again

Veg-In-Training said...

It says your picture is private. Can you change the setting to public maybe? Or send me a jpeg? That would be awesome!

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Just got Jim's posted. Thanks so much for hosting this, Kim. I love eating delicious food that I didn't cook!