Friday, May 11, 2012

We're Moving...the Blog

It seems I never have time to sit down at the computer these days. I sorely miss the hours to peruse the internets and other vegan food blogs. I am working on slowly converting this blog over to my new digs at I still need time to figure out the cpanel and other goodies. I am hoping I can figure out how to migrate my posts from here to that site.

UnConventional Events LLC is a little venture my friend and I are starting. We have a few dreams of what it will end up being down the road. For now, we are offering a limited number of cooking demonstrations and classes (vegan of course). We will also do the occasional catering gig when time permits. It is our hope to bring some yummy fare to our farmers' markets this fall. We both work full time, so we are starting slow and letting it morph into it's own fabulous being.

The website itself is still under construction, but the blog is up and running. I hope you will bookmark the new blog site and keep following. CLICK HERE to see the first post with pics on the new blog!! See you there!

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